Orchid Report Runner

Launch and distribute recurring reports with ease
Group logically and create role-specific menus
Combine with Process Scheduler for added automation & control


What is Orchid Report Runner?

Report Runner forms the heart of your reporting and decision making. It places all your reports, from various Sage 300 (Accpac) modules, into central repositories for Crystal Reports and Financial Reports.

This allows you to quickly and easily access and launch vital reports. Running recurring reports uses the familiar Sage 300 controls: finders, dates, periods and checkboxes. You can run multiple reports, distribute them by email, save parameters for running them again, and create specific report menus for different roles. 

How It Works

Ease of Use

Easy to configure and deploy. Easy access to multiple reports, including custom reports. Export/import report setups from company to company, site to site. Developed in the Sage 300 SDK, with the familiar Sage 300 look and feel.


Launch Crystal Reports and Sage 300 GL Financial Reporter reports. Save report parameters to allow quick re-running. Keep reports together - group logically by function or process. Print, email and save reports. Store your default printer in Options. Create e-mail templates for use when scheduling reports. Uses flexible parameters on your Crystal Reports or customized Sage 300 reports – finders, date and period pickers, check boxes.

Access Control

Create role-specific report menus, with pre-defined and tailored report parameters. Assign role-based report access to individual users.

Additional Features *Crystal Report Runner

Crystal Reports can be exported to additional output types: Excel, Word, XML, CSV, RTF, TXT, TTX. Crystal Report Runner can be scheduled to print, store the required printer on the schedule record, and have a specific path and file name. Security on individual Crystal Reports (26 groups available).

Benefits of Report Runner includes:

Additional Sources

Watch Now: Orchid's Report Runner Overview

duration: 4:43 minutes | A brief overview of Orchid's Report Runner add-on module for Sage 300. Run multiple reports, distribute by email, save parameters for re-running, set up role-specific report menus.

Watch Now: Orchid's Report Runner Demo Webinar

duration: 60:13 minutes | A detailed demonstration of Orchid's Report Runner and Process Scheduler add-on modules for Sage 300. Run multiple reports, distribute by email, save parameters for re-running, set up role-specific report

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