Orchid Inter Entity Transactions

For Sage 300

Automatically generates offsetting entries, based on highly configurable rules

What is Inter Entity Transaction?

Inter Entity Transactions facilitate the management of allocations and transfers between entities. Entities equate to segments in General Ledger, and could include branches, divisions, departments, funds, projects, trusts, or multiple companies held within one or across Sage 300 (Accpac) databases. 

Inter Entity Transactions will work on all GL transactions regardless of whether they originated from the GL, any subsidiary ledger, a 3rd party module, or an external system that has created GL batches.


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Includes all Loan Account automation features in the Single Database edition, plus:

Configuration Options:

Cash Management

Cash Management and multi-database features require the Multi Database edition of Inter-Entity Transactions.

Cash Management: AP Payments

Cash Management: AR Receipts

Advanced Configuration Options

  • Automatically trigger additional transactions (GL, AR and AP) to automate complex inter-entity transactions
  • Account Substitution to reduce the need to replicate accounts in multiple entities
  • Configure AP and AR charges to accumulate, allowing for periodic on-charges
  • Use wildcards to simplify trigger account setup