Odoo VoIP

Make calls and manage your business on the go

Odoo VoIP seamlessly integrates with Odoo apps for maximum productivity at an affordable price.

Use any of your devices to make calls anywhere

Choose whatever option is easiest for you – your computer, smartphone, tablet, or VoIP phone. You only need an internet connection. 

Manage the flow of calls
with Dial Plan

A visual workflow editor that helps you create and customize calling journeys.

Drag, drop, or connect elements and set up a diagram that works best for your business. A intuitive interface makes it easy to optimize your call workflows and perform changes. 

  • Visual Workflow Editor
  • Dispatch
  • Call Queues
  • Digital Receptionist


Do you know exactly what happens when a customer calls your business?

With the Dial Plan workflow editor, you can meticulously create systems and save time by routing callers directly to the correct departments.


Create custom experiences for callers in specific locations with the Dispatch element. 

You can configure alternate paths based on country codes, so callers around the world have a streamlined, professional experience. 


Build trust and lower call abandonment rates my implementing Call Queues.

Your customers can line up in call queue and wait to be connected to the next available agent. Dial Plan offers multiple strategies for routing calls to your agents, like round robin, calling all agents at once, and more. 


Automate incoming and internal calls, so callers get to their destinations faster. 

With the Digital Receptionist element, your callers can enter in their party's extension and be transferred to the correct person automatically, without ever involving a member of your team.

Pricing you can get behind

With traditional phones, installing phone lines, ling-distance calls, and hardware upkeep can quickly add up. Odoo VoIP is a more affordable way to manage your calls. 

Check out the full price list. 

Integration makes life easier so you can get all of your work done with just one click

All your contacts in Odoo are just one click away. But with the Odoo VoIP widget, you have more options than just calling them. You can send emails, schedule meetings, view their order information or internal team notes, and more!

Odoo VoIP integrates with apps like CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Invoicing and more, so you can streamline your workflows and eliminate tedious manual work for your team. 

Intuitive icons help you stay on top of everything

The VoIP widget integrates with Odoo apps, so you can get your work done more efficiently, without switching tabs or frantically searching for information. 

Perform supportive tasks (even while on a call)

Schedule an activity, like a call or meeting, or send an email.

All the info you need right at your fingertips

Open an opportunity, ticket, or a customer’s contact form to see all their information. 

Schedule your calls to stay on track

Create an activity from the chatter in any Odoo app. 

Odoo VoIP is fully integrated with Odoo, so you can schedule actions from any app to keep track of everything. 

Your to-do list just got a lot shorter. 

Create a call queue with one click in the CRM app to quickly organize your day.

With one click from the kanban view in the CRM pipeline, you can schedule a call in your phone queue for yourself or for others. Simply hover on your contact’s card and click to add to your list of next activities. 

Report on call logs to keep track of the team activity

Quickly filter, search, or export – all from the Odoo dashboard. 

Call internationally your and provision international phone numbers*

Odoo VoIP allows businesses to make international calls and get international business numbers to represent locations in different parts of the world.

*Only certain countries are available. Please reach out to your provider for full details.