Odoo Spreadsheet

Go the Extra Mile with Spreadsheets

Upskill your Business Intelligence practices. 

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Stay Ahead of the Game

Spreadsheets are one of the most widely used tools in any industry, and now you can take advantage of its numerous functionalities within Odoo.

Yeah, you read that correctly! Making projections, calculating commissions, and extra data analysis with real-time data are now one click away. 


Understand your financial situation and discover your profit potential. 


Devise a strong business plan and enhance team performance.


Make well informed and efficient decisions. 

Model & Manipulate
your data

Insert your sales revenue, purchase, budgets, and subscription analysis and make historical, current, and predictive views of your numbers. 

Keep your
data up-to-date

A no-brainer! As new data is created within your apps, the spreadsheet continuously updates itself without having to export or worry about any integration!

Safe Bet:

With conditional formatting option, you can effortlessly detect criticalissues and identify patterns and trends. Easy!

Work with
Killer Filtering

Add filters based on Date, Relations, or Text and always have up-to-date and customizable data, as different data can be quickly shown on the change of criteria. Powerful, right?!

Bring Data to
Life: Graphs

Visual representations help us to understand data easier and quicker. They make large volumes of data, and sometimes complicated ones, properly represented and with authority and clarity. And, with Odoo Spreadsheet, all of that is possible with live and integrated data!

A Game Planner.

Fully Integrated.

your employees

decision-making processes

your company

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


Oversee employee records an easily maintain files and information for your teams.


Manage project forecasts, teams, and files. Easily delegate tasks and monitor each step of the project. 


Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid faster. 


Track company vehicles, mileage logs, maintenance schedules, contracts, and more with clean and organized fleet management.