Norming Professional Service Automation

Norming PSA System is a powerful and flexible business management solution designed with industry-leading technology to automate and control the most vital activities and process of a professional service organization. It provides a complete and integrated solution for streamlining the management of business partners, human resources, projects, timesheets, expense reimbursements and documents.


Human Resource

Provides a set of complete human resource management functionality, including employee management, recruitment, training, leave tracking, benefit planning and payroll calculations.

Business Partner

Maintains the customer and supplier database, tracks sales opportunities and manages project contracts and billing transactions with customers and suppliers.

Project Management

Used to create project cost estimates, schedule project activities, assign project resources, allocate project costs, and dispatch project tasks.

Project Accounting

Allows user to enter accounting journal for allocating resource cost across projects, and billing/invoicing customers against projects.


Tracks employee time, labor cost and revenue on projects and activities. Overtime can be calculated automatically according to pre-defined rules. Banked overtime can be cashed or taken for vacation.


Manages the employee's cash advance and expense reimbursement process, and allocates employee's expenses across projects.


Works with the above modules to manage any documents related to customers, contracts, employees, projects, timesheets, and expense reports.

Employee Self Service

Provides a web-based platform for employees to review their personal data, check project schedules, enter timesheets, expense reports and leave requests.


Lists open job opportunities via a webpage, providing a chance for external applicants to find job opportunities and submit job applications.