Method Customizable Software

The most customizable CRM QuickBooks and Xero users

Method CRM is a no code platform software small businesses use to create custom CRM solutions.

100% customizable, 100% code-free

Meets your unique needs

No need to figure out how to code a CRM system. Use Method’s drag-and-drop tools to create a custom CRM that’s perfect for your processes.

Evolves with your company

Customizing Method as your needs change lets you stick with your CRM instead of outgrowing it.

Built for small business

Move over, enterprise CRMs. Method is an accessible and inexpensive CRM software for small business teams.


Method CRM is a custom-made solution for your business needs.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all when it comes to customer relationship management. In fact, the best CRM  simplifies your processes and keeps up with your business as it grows.

Pick and choose which features your business needs with Method CRM. 

The possibilities are endless

From automating manual workflows to tracking data and retrieving real-time, custom reports this is a solution that does exactly what you need it to. 

  • Personalize an online portal for your customer self-service.
  • Turn your website visitors into new leads through personalized forms.
  • Create transaction templates with custom fields, calculations, and conditions.

Commission tracker software for small business

Many small businesses struggle to track commissions for sales reps. Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero or Excel formulas, the process is time-consuming.

The solution:

  • Save time by building a custom commission tracker in Method
  • Set different commission levels per rep or item
  • Automatically exclude taxes and shipping fees