Business Activity Monitoring

Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. A prospect who has not been followed-up with; a contract that is about to expire; a pricing error. KnowledgeSync monitors all your business data. Providing every organization with much-needed Exception Management, KnowledgeSync identifies and responds to conditions that fall outside of an organization’s standard operating procedures and enables organizations to avoid saying “If only we had known!”

Most organizations today spend far too much time manually running, distributing, and delivering various forms, documents, and reports to both their internal employees and external clients and partners. KnowledgeSync automates both the production and delivery of such documents, whether it’s sending quotes, invoices, or letters to clients, or distributing analytical reports to an organization’s own managers and executives. Using the industry-standard Crystal Reports, KnowledgeSync generates forms and documents when needed.

KnowledgeSync does more than just send alerts; it triggers “workflow” to update your applications, schedule intelligent tasks, and move information between an organization’s disparate software systems. Whether it’s to update a client’s history based on the receipt of an email message from them, or to schedule a phone call for a prospect who has not been contacted within the last week, KnowledgeSync gives organizations the means to automate (and monitor) critical business processes.


Anyone. Anytime.

Via Any Method

KnowledgeSync has the widest variety of alert methods of any application on the market. These methods include:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Pager / PDA / Cell
  • Phone
  • Pop Up
  • Web Browser
  • FTP

Supported email systems include Outlook, Internet, and Lotus Notes. Faxing supports free-format text plus report, form, & document delivery. Paging is alphanumeric, and supports SMS. Browser alerts (“webcasting”) requires no additional software and supports document and report distribution as well – as does FTP.
KnowledgeSync has intelligent alerts which allow you to notify “record owners” (such as salesreps, managers, and clients), and lets you configure “work vs home” alert addresses – based on the time of day and day of the week.

Form & Document Delivery / Report Distribution

KnowledgeSync embeds Crystal Reports for Form, Document, and Report delivery. You can generate invoices, statements, picking lists, work orders, dunning notices, or any other standard forms or documents that are automatically set to be created in specified locations or sent to recipients.
In addition to Forms and Documents, KnowledgeSync also generates and delivers analytical reports, such as forecast sales reports, stock status reports, and financial reports. These reports can be “scheduled” – such as every Monday at 9 AM – and can be “triggered” – as in “watch for any account that gets within 10% of their credit limit, and when they do, send me an A/R Aging Report for that client.”
Forms, Documents, and Reports can be generated in any format (including HTML, PDF, Word, & Excel) and can be delivered to the appropriate recipients via email, fax, FTP, or web browser.