Sage CRM Login takes very long time


Sage CRM login takes very long time after adding a lot of data to custom table(s)

Backup Warning

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.

Database Warning

These steps require knowledge of database engines and application databases (DBs) used by your Sage product (including Microsoft/Transact SQL, Pervasive SQL, or MySQL, etc.). Customer Support is not responsible for assisting with these steps and cannot be responsible for errors resulting from changes to the database engine or DBs. Before making changes, backup all system and application DBs required for a full restore. Contact an authorized business partner or DB administrator for assistance.


This is caused by this new table has data in Description Field. Using this field enable table as a look up and CRM will load them into memory when starting. If the table contains a large number of records (an approximate limit is 1,000), CRM may time out when loading.


If user can login to CRM, go to Administration, Advanced Customization, Tables and Databases, select the tables which contain a lot of records, make sure the Description Field is blank and save it.

if user cannot login and receive “You may need to recreate view manually”, backup CRM database first and run the following query for your CRM database using MS SQL management studio:

UPDATE Custom_Tables SET Bord_DescriptionField = NULL

After IISRESET, user are able to login to CRM correctly.