KnowledgeSync – How To Remove Completed Items


KnowledgeSync – How To Remove Completed Items

KnowledgeSynce lets you remove the history of checked and triggered events from the KnowledgeSync database.

Note: this option can be taken manually but — very importantly — it can also be automated to run at a certain time of day (or night). Look for the button called “Automate this Task” — that’s where you specify whether you want KnowledgeSync to automate this task, at what time of day/night you want this task to be performed, and how many days of history you wish to keep on-line in the KnowledgeSync database.


Log into the KnowledgeSync Administrator module

Go to the “File” menu, click on “Database Tools”, and then choose “Remove Completed Items”.

Confirm that all servers are shut down. Then click “Remove”.