KnowledgeSync – How To Create a Copy Location


KnowledgeSync – How To Create a Copy Location


Log into the KnowledgeSync Event Manager module

Open the “Subscribers” folder on the Navigation Tree and expand the “Users” folder

Create a “New Folder” or highlight an existing folder and click “New User”

Only details necessary for the “Description” tab is “Full Name”, give it a name along the lines of Event Copy Location

Click on the “Copy” tab and specify the location as to where you want your file saved, for example \\server1\users\admin\documents

Save the user.

Now open the “Application Event” folder and expand the Application where your report will be sent from.

Highlight “Scheduled Reports” then click “New Scheduled Report”

Give the new schedule a name such as Sales Report Copy Location

Move to the “Reports” tab and click “Add Report”, then select the report to be saved.

On the “Copy” tab, confirm both options to include files and reports on copy operations are enabled.

Click the “Subscribers” Tab and “Add Subscriber”

Select the user created in the previous steps (Event Copy Location) , then unselect the Email and checkmark Copy as the Delivery method.

Lastly on the “Schedule” tab choose a predefined schedule or create a new one. This will determine when and how often the file is saved to your specified location.

Click Save.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.