How to install Crystal Reports for Sage 100


How to install SAP Crystal Reports for Sage 100

How to locate or find or obtain a copy of Crystal Reports Designer for installation, in order to create or modify Crystal Report forms or reports

How to run a Repair install of Crystal Reports


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Note: Only one version of Crystal Reports should be installed on a workstation. If one version is currently installed, and another version is subsequently installed, some of the files laid down by the previous installation will be overwritten by the most recent installation (even if the most subsequent installation is of a previous version). This may cause error messages or problems when attempting to create, modify, or print Crystal forms or reports.

The Workstation Setup client installation for Sage 100 will install a runtime version of Crystal Reports that allows for print or preview of forms and reports.

To create or modify Crystal Reports forms and reports, install Crystal Reports Designer to the workstation. Select the Typical installation option, which uses pre-assigned settings.

To install Crystal Reports Designer:

  1. Access the Sage 100 installation files
    • Note: This is the location where the Sage 100 version download was extracted to or saved to.
  2. Right-click Autorun.exe
  3. Select Run as administrator
  4. Select the applicable product:
    • Sage 100 ERP Standard
    • Sage 100 ERP Advanced
    • Sage 100 ERP Premium
  5. Select  Productivity Applications
  6. Select Install Crystal Reports Designer
  7. Follow the installation wizard to install SAP Crystal Reports Designer

Alternate method (for Sage 100 ERP versions 2013 and higher):

  1. Access the Sage 100 ERP installation files
    • Note: This is the location where the Sage 100 ERP version download was extracted to or saved to.
  2. Open the Crystal 2011 folder
  3. Right-click Autorun.exe
  4. Select Run as administrator
  5. Follow the installation wizard to install SAP Crystal Reports Designer

Note: If the same version of Crystal Reports already exists on the workstation, you will be prompted with a menu to ModifyRepair, or Remove the program.

Note: For previous (retired) versions of Sage 100 (formerly Sage MAS 90 or 200) versions 4.40 or below, Crystal Reports Designer came on a separate installation disc along with the main Sage MAS 90 or 200 installation disc. These discs are no longer available from Sage.

Additional Information

  • Installing Crystal Reports to the workstation rather than the network is generally recommended, for ease of installation and performance.
  • Installing Crystal Reports is only necessary for creating and revising reports. It is not necessary for printing and previewing Sage 100 ERP forms and reports, as a Runtime version is automatically installed during Workstation Setup.
    • Note: Installation is necessary to change or set up use of fonts, such as MICR check fonts and bar code fonts.

The Crystal Reports installation does not require a serial number or registration key from Sage. Crystal Reports installs on any workstation that has had Workstation Setup or Sage 100 ERP installed. If Crystal Reports is installed on a workstation that does not have Sage 100 ERP installed, registration numbers are required.

If you receive a message requiring a keycode, reinstall Workstation Setup. This is an issue with a .dll and is not a license issue.