Job Cost InstaDocs

Store. Access. View.

Job Cost InstaDocs allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within Sage 100 ERP. It is the first and only document management solution to be embedded within Sage 100 ERP. This unique electronic document storage solution provides easy access of documents relating to specific records.

The Documents Panel is embedded into various Sage 100 ERP Maintenance, Inquiry, and Data Entry programs. As each record is accessed, the documents that correspond to that record are displayed. The user has the ability to drag and drop documents, select documents to edit, and tag documents with unlimited keywords. Users can then search all stored documents based on those specific keywords. Master Search allows users to search all documents based on File Name, Keywords, and Document Source.

J/C Invoices can be automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Job directory.

With InstaDocs Role Security enabled, you can define which users/roles can View, Open, Email, Delete, and Drag and Drop documents within the InstaDocs Documents Panel.