Intelligence Environmental Requirements for Sage 100


This article is intended as a high-level overview of the environmental requirements for all Sage 100 Intelligence add-ins to function normally.



  • Sage Intelligence must be installed as a Local Administrator
  • Excel must be installed and activated prior to the Sage Intelligence installation
  • Excel must be closed during the installation of Sage Intelligence (also check that there are no remaining EXCEL.EXE processes listed in the Windows Task Manager-Processes tab)
  • Windows User Account Control must be turned off during installation (requires a reboot after turning off U.A.C.)


  • Microsoft V.S.T.O. (Visual Studio Tools for Office) runtime 2010 must be installed
  • Microsoft V.S.T.O. runtime 3.0 must be installed
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5
  • Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 or higher


All Sage Intelligence users must have Full Control level permissions to the following areas:
  1. MAS90 parent directory (as is also normally required for Sage 100/MAS90)
  2. The Sage Intelligence Report Repository (displayed at the Report Manager login screen and originally set during Sage Intelligence setup)
  3.  All folders that begin with ‘BI’ and are located in C:\Program Files(x86 if on 64bit Windows)\Common Files\ (screenshot below reflects the latest 2015 release, earlier versions may have fewer folders starting with ‘BI’)
  4. C:\ProgramData\Sage Software\SageMASIntelligenceXX\config.ini (XX=version number) – additionally, make sure that there are no duplicates of the config.ini file or Repository folder in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore
  5. Registry entries at HKEY_Current_User, Software, Microsoft, Office, Excel, Addins
      • As with all permissions, if a group policy or domain is in place, those settings must reflect the above requirements
      • If you are running in terminal services or a Citrix environment, please see the attached document