Real-time Synchronization

IN-SYNCH allows for full control and flexibility in designing, creating, and customizing your corporate web site and store front.


Integrate Sage 100 ERP with any shopping cart

IN-SYNCH facilitates website integration with Sage 100 ERP.  Whether you want to connect Sage 100 to an existing shopping cart—even multiple carts or a new, integrated website solution—ROI Consulting has you covered.

Already have a shopping cart?

Optimize Sage 100 integration with your existing website shopping cart (or carts). With experience integrating over 20 different popular shopping carts and web stores, IN-SYNCH gives you the convenience of selecting the cart with the budget and features that suit you and getting it integrated quickly and efficiently.

IN-SYNCH does more to integrate your online business with Sage 100 than any other integration solution.

Have a custom shopping cart? No problem!

We have been integrating custom shopping carts for almost 20 years. We can either build the customized website connection for you or work with your development team to connect the cart.

Need a new, fully integrated web store?

We have alliances with web development companies that specialize in delivering new website solutions for Sage 100 customers for just about any budget. Whether it be a Sage 100 optimized web store solution, such as, a solution built on off-the-shelf shopping cart platforms such as Magento or Amazon, or a custom web site and customer portal solution, we can direct you with confidence.



With our solution, data exchanges are initiated and controlled from within the Sage 100 server, making IN-SYNCH the most secure architecture possible. Plus, security will never equal down time. You still get maximum speed without the need for outside access to the accounting system server.


IN-SYNCH seamlessly integrates and synchronizes all relevant data between Sage 100 and the third-party system, whether the data originates in Sage 100 or the external system.

Real-time Synchronization

Sage 100 ERP and your third-party system – whether e-commerce shopping cart, CRM database, or warehouse management system – are provided with automatic, real-time changes and updates as they occur.


Our solution allows for the two systems to run independently, so if one happens to be down for maintenance, the other system stays up. The two will sync up automatically.

Lightning Fast

IN-SYNCH uses the most efficient data mirroring methods available so you can receive orders, new customers, changes, and updates automatically as they happen with maximum speed.