Install Check

Easily determine why Sage 300 won't run on your desktop

Install Check checks the environment on a computer running Sage 300. If the environment is not correct, some or all functions in Sage 300 and third party applications may not operate correctly. 

No install. No license

 Install Check is provided as an executable file and leaves no footprint: does not install, does not change the Windows registry and does not require a license. Access is provided to standard Sage 300 utilities that register all Sage 300 controls (“RegAcc”) and that scan ISAM files (“Scan Isam”).


​Can be brought from computer to computer on a memory stick

Displays color-coded successful and failed tests

​Checks SQL Server drivers for compatibility

Checks that all Sage 300 folders are in place

Provides click-able links to many Sage 300 files and directories

Checks that PATH directories exist and are accessible

Lists system information with convenient copy and printing options