Sage 100 Instadocs

Sage 100 Instadocs allows you to attach documents in Sage 100

This unique document storage solution allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed, and accessed directly within Sage 100. It provides easy access to documents relating to specific records. Save time and increase productivity with InstaDocs.


Easy Access

Store, view, access, search, and share important documents that relate to specific records in Sage 100, such as Customers, Vendors, Items, Bill of Materials, Work Orders, Sales Orders, Jobs and Employees.

Document Tagging

As documents are stored, they may also be “tagged” with specific keywords. Once tagged, users can search all stored documents based on specific keywords.

Paperless Office Integration

Checks, Orders, Invoices, and Statements are automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Vendor or Customer directory.

Master Search

 This feature allows users to search all documents based on File Name, Keywords and Document Source.


 Specific user security privileges can be defined and applied for each module.

Cloud Storage

Its is designed to interface directly with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage product. By combining InstaDocs and OneDrive, documents are readily available for easy access and display in the cloud.

Available for the following Sage 100 modules