IMan for Sage 300

IMan offers Sage 300 bi-directional integration with cloud or on-premise systems

Aimed at the midmarket

Realisable has grown up in the mid-market. We understand the problems, the types of systems you need to integrate, the business processes that need to made more efficient, and of course the people who ultimately use our software.

IMan is designed with these challenges firmly in mind. We understand your business, the applications which support your business, and your processes.


Integration is made through configuration, not code. IMan gives you all the tools to necessary to connect your business systems quickly and easily.  

IMan can integrate either cloud or on-premise business systems – Iman has broad connectivity.


Aimed at the mid-market to give you enterprise level functionality, less the complexities, with extensive online help, documentation & training guides to get you self-sufficient. IMan has been designed with the end-user in mind. We have coupled enterprise functionality with ease-of-use, reducing time to implement & ongoing costs. We do this through a highly functional solution, which is stripped of the complexities associated with other integration solutions.

Ease of Use – Iman is easy to use with the mid-market in mind.

  • Reduced Complexity – A consistent interface, intuitive/hierarchical data handling, dynamic data typing, data schema detection all contribute to a solution which is easy to create integrations quickly without being a programmer.
  • Our unique preview area shows you intermediate results whilst working in the designer. IMan feeds back the results of any transform as you make changes; no black-box designing, in turn reducing time to integrate.
  • Online, publicly available training materials & documentation


Cheaper to implement by 70% and quicker by 60%. IMan reduces the cost of ownership through a solution which is easier to use and quicker to change.

Transforming Data – Much more than just a straight mapping tool.

  • Take any data & transform it in memory – means data of any form can be can consumed & produced. You can confidently integrate different applications without spending time pre-transforming data or working with 3rd parties.
  • Hierarchical Data – No problems! IMan has been built from the ground up to support hierarchical data; consume it; produce it; flatten it; hierarchise it.
  • Incorporate any business logic and data validation into any integration with IMan’s expressions and script engine.

Visibility- Auditability –  Deep error handling, audit and exception logging capabilities.

  • Error Handling – Configurable error handling controls what to do when things go awry. In addition, IMan’s configurable integration gives you control to design workflows for erroneous transactions.
  • Reconciliation – IMan’s configurable auditing give you the ability to quickly & easily reconcile exchanged data.
  • Record Level Error Logging – It’s all very well when things go right, but what happens when things do not? IMan traces errors down to the record level altering you to the specific data element generating the exception.