The all-in-one time management software for remote and in-office teams.

Time Tracking

Clean, lightweight apps for desktop, web, mobile, and Chrome. Learn more about time tracking.

Productivity Monitoring

Keep your team in check and on track with regular check-ins.


See where time and money is being wasted and redirect it to better

GPS Tracking

Manage your fleet iwith GPS tracking

Online Timesheets

Simple timesheets that give you more control.

Automated Payroll

Save yourself hours each week.

Increase Productivity

When your team tracks time with Hubstaff, everyone is more aware of how they’re spending each minute of their day. This improves focus and keeps your team on task.

Automate Team Management

Hubstaff tackles time-draining admin work for you. Like chasing down project updates. Or messing with timesheets. Or ensuring deadlines are met and work stays within budget.

70k+ Active Users

8.5M+ Total Hours Tracked

80k+ Tasks Completed

Over 40 Integrations

No need to switch systems right away! With over 40 integrations, keep or enhance your existing task management and time tracking software with Hubstaff.

Over 40,000 Customers

See why clients from all industries and of all sizes rave about Hubstaff. Keep productivity levels high and monitor your team’s progress, no matter where they are! Over 40,000 businesses have increased productivity and profit with Hubstaff.

What Hubstaff's Customers Have to Say

“It’s the best time tracking software I’ve come across”

“I love the screenshot taking software”

“I’ve always ended up coming back to Hubstaff!”

“It does help many companies keep track of their employees.”

“Def helps you stay motivated”

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