How to use Visual Integrator to import into AP Invoice Data Entry for Sage 100


How to import into AP_InvoiceHeader for the Invoice Data Entry files using Visual Integrator


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Steps to get to Visual Integrator (VI) and create a import job

  1. Open Modules, Visual Integrator, Main menu, Import Job Maintenance
  2. Enter the name of the job in Job Name field
  3. Select the table AP_InvoiceHeader in the Table Name field
  4. Click Accept
  5. Click Yes to confirm this is a new job
  6. Select the Data tab
  7. The import should contain the following fields on the Data tab in this exact order:

    • H.BatchNo (only required if Batch Entry is enabled in Accounts Receivable Options

    • H.APDivisionNo

    • H.VendorNo

    • H.InvoiceNo

    • H.Comment

    • H.InvoiceDate

    • H.InvoiceDueDate

    • L.AccountKey

    • L.DistributionAmt

    • L.CommentText

  8. Click Accept and click Yes to execute the job
  9. Click the Browse button to browse to the sourcefile to be used for the import job

Click Accept to run the import job and click Yes to confirm it is importing into the correct company


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.