How to use the PublishSheet Add-In in Sage Intelligence


To create an HTML version of a Sage intelligence report, the PublishSheet Add-in may be used.


  1. In the report Properties tab, select the “Show Advanced” checkbox.
  2. Select the “…” button next to Run Add-Ins. the Choose Add-In Function screen appears.
  3. Select the Add-In Library: “CRMReportAddIn.dll”.
  4. Select the Add-in library Module: “CRM Report Format”.
  5. Select the Add-In Function: “PublishSheet”.
  6. Enter the Sheet to Publish from the report.
  7. Enter the full path and filename to publish to. This may be a local path, or a UNC path.
  8. Press “Apply” to save the information.
  9. Run the report.