How to Use the Customer List Preview to Inquire on Customers in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

Before You Start

If you have not already done so, specify criteria and select options for the type of customer list you want to generate, and then click the Process button to create a preview list.
Tip: To create a very simple list of all customers, including only the customer number and customer name, you do not need to specify any criteria or select any options

To display information for a customer on the Customer List preview screen:

  1. On the generated Customer List Preview list, select the row for the customer whose information you want to view.
  2. If you used Comment Follow Up or Comment Expiration as criteria, use the table at the bottom of the screen to review a list of comments entered for the selected customer.
  3. To view all the information for the customer on the Customer Inquiry screen, click the Customer No. heading.
    Use the Customer Inquiry screen to:
    • Look up any and all information entered for a specified customer. Information available in the Customer Inquiry screen includes:
      • Posted and pending (unposted) documents for the customer.
      • Posted receipts, and information about how the receipts were applied.
      • All the information entered in the customer record, including address, contact information, processing and invoicing options, optional fields, activity and statistics, and comments.
      • Additional information entered for the customer, such as ship-to locations and recurring charges.
    • Edit customer comments directly on the Comments tab.
    • Open the customer record and related records for editing.
      • To edit a ship-to location record, double-click the ship-to location on the Ship-To tab.
      • To edit a recurring charge record, double-click the recurring charge code on the Recurring Charges tab.
      • To edit customer activity or customer statistics, click the Drilldown button beside the Customer No. field.
    • Drill down to view documents in the original entry screen.
      • To display a posted document in a transaction-entry screen, select the transaction line on a table on the Documents, Receipts, Refunds, Adjustments, OE Orders, OE Invoices, or OE Sales tab, and then click the column heading for the type of document.
        Note: These columns have a Drilldown button in the heading.
      • To view or edit a transaction that is not yet posted, double-click the transaction line on the Pending tab.
      • To view an order or a shipment in the Order Entry module, double-click the order number or the shipment number.
      • To view an item record in the Inventory Control module, double-click an item number on an Order Entry tab or on the IC Contract Pricing tab.
    • Open the Document Inquiry screen to view detailed information for a particular posted document.
      • To view a posted document on the Document Inquiry screen, select the transaction line, and then click the Document No. column heading.
      • To view an unposted document on the Document Inquiry screen, select the transaction on the Pending tab, and then click the Document No. column heading.
        Note: Columns that open the Document Inquiry screen have an Inquiry button in the heading.

      Tip: Leave the Customer Inquiry screen open. When you return to the Customer List, and then double-click another customer number, the program refreshes the Customer Inquiry screen for the new customer.

  4. To print the customer list to your usual print destination, click Print.
  5. When you have finished using the preview, click Close to return to the Customer List screen.