How to use Job Posting Entry in Job Cost for Sage 100


How to use Job Posting Entry in Job Cost


1. Select Job Cost, Main, Job Posting Entry

Use Job Posting Entry to enter direct costs, direct billing, and cash receipt information for a job. Job Posting Entry should be used only to make a cost, billing, or cash receipt adjustment or to enter miscellaneous costs that do not originate from the integrated Payroll, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Inventory Management, and Accounts Receivable modules.

Job Posting Entry is often used to make entries directly to the Job Cost module when a particular module is not installed. For example, labor and burden costs may need to be posted to Job Cost even if the Payroll module is not installed. This option is also used during the conversion process to bring job cost, billing, and payment information up to date before beginning actual day-to-day operations.

Each line item represents a cost, billing, or cash receipt transaction to post or an adjustment to a previously posted transaction. If recalling a previously entered batch to add, delete, or adjust cost, billing, or cash receipt entries, all transactions in the receipt appear.

Use Job Posting Entry to post to General Ledger for direct cost, billing, and cash receipt transactions. Options include whether to generate general ledger postings for any of the three types of transactions by selecting the appropriate check boxes in the Job Cost Options window. Clear the Post to G/L for Work in Process, Post to G/L for Direct Cost Transactions, and Post to G/L for Billing & Cash Receipt Transactions check boxes to use Job Cost on a stand-alone basis without integrating with the General Ledger module.

Note: Additional information can be found in the Sage MAS 90 Online Help or User Manuals


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.