How to use B/M Production Entry to assemble components into parent items for Sage 100


How to enter Production Entries in the Bill of Materials application module for Sage 100
How to use B/M Production Entry to assemble component items into parent bill items, and post their completion via the B/M Production Register


Production Entry is used to add inventory quantity for the bill or parent item and reduce quantity for the component items. The cost of the inventory created is based on the total component cost divided by the quantity completed. The cost of the components is determined by the item valuation method and the quantity available at the time of completion.

  1. Expand Modules, Bill of Materials, and Main. Double-click Production Entry.
  2. If the B/M Batch Number window opens, enter a batch number or click the Next Batch Number button.
    Note: To use batch entry:
    • In Bill of Materials, expand Main, and double-click Bill of Materials Options.
    • Click the Additional tab, and select the Allow Batch Entry check box
  3. Click the Next Production Entry Number button, and select a bill number.
  4. Enter the bill revision number and the options code if applicable.
  5. In the Quantity field, type the quantity to be produced, and type the production date in the Effective date field.
  6. Ensure that the correct warehouse is selected for the parent item and components.
  7. Select the Explode Sub-Assemblies check box to relieve the components of the sub-assemblies. Clear the check box to relieve only the parent item of the sub-assemblies that currently exist in inventory.
  8. If the item uses the lot valuation method, enter the lot number to be used for the production. If the item uses the serial valuation method, enter the starting serial number for the production.
  9. Click the Lines tab. The bill of material for the item is used to create the quantity for each bill and the extended quantities. Distribute any lot or serial valuation items in the bill.
  10. Make changes to the lines as needed.
    • Click a line in the grid to populate and edit the fields above. Click OK when changes are complete.
    • Click a line, and then click Del to delete the line.
    • Click Ins to add a line.
  11. Click Accept.
  12. Perform one of the following to print the Production Entry Register:
    • Click the Print button at the Production Entry window.
    • In Main, double-click Production Entry Register.
      Note: Select either the batch or all batches if using batch entry.
  13. Ensure that the information on the Production Entry Register is correct.
  14. At the Do you want to update Production Entry Register? dialog box, click Yes if the information is correct. If the information is incorrect, click No, and make changes in Production Entry.
  15. At the Do you want to print the Daily Transaction Register? dialog box, click Yes to view and update the General Ledger postings. Click No to print the register at a later time. The General Ledger accounts can also be updated by printing the General Ledger Daily Transaction Register. (Expand General Ledger and Main. Double-click Daily Transaction Register.)