How to update item pricing on Sage 300 Inventory Control


  1. Open Inventory Control > I/C Items and Price Lists > Update Item Pricing.
  2. . If you have a multicurrency system, in the Currency field, specify the currency of the item prices you are changing.
  3. In the From Price List Code and To fields, specify the range of price lists to update.
  4. In the Select By field, specify the filter to use to select item prices, and then in the From and To fields, specify the range to update.  You can specify a range of item numbers, categories, item segments, vendor numbers, or optional field values. You can choose from any character optional fields that are active.
  5. From the Update list select the type of information to update.  You can use the Update Item Pricing to update any of the following information:
    • Base Price. Select this option to add, increase or decrease item base prices.
    • Sale Price. Select this option to add, increase, or decrease sale prices for a range of
      items. You can also specify the beginning and ending dates for the period during which the sale price applies.
    • Markup Cost. Select this option to increase or decrease the cost on which markups are currently based.
    • Price Check Type. Select this option to change how Order Entry responds to price
      overrides (for example, displaying an error message or requiring price approval).
    • Price List Dates. Select this option to update the period for which the selected price lists are valid.
  6. In the using field, specify whether to apply a percentage or an amount, or (in a multicurrency system) apply an exchange rate to the base price, sale price, or markup cost.
    • Note: This field appears only if you are updating a price or a cost
  7. Depending on your choices for the Update and Using fields, fill in the remaining fields as follows:
    • If you selected Base Price or Markup Cost, specify whether to increase or decrease the
      price or cost, and then specify the percentage or the amount.
    • If you selected Sale Price or Price List Date in the Update field, specify the range of dates for which the updated information is valid.
    • If you selected Price Check in the Update field, specify the type of price check message to display in Order Entry.
    • Specify how you want Order Entry to respond to price overrides. Order Entry can:
      • Do nothing (if you select None).
      • Display a warning message and let you continue.
      • Display an error message and reject the price override.
      • Require a supervisor’s approval on price overrides.
  8. Click Update to update the selected price lists.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.