How to track inventory item changes, additions, and deletions made to inventory item information on Sage 100


How to track inventory item changes, additions, and deletions made to inventory item information


Backup Warning 
Use caution when working with the below product functionally.  Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.  If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.


Use the Item Masterfile Audit Report to track changes, deletions, and additions made to inventory item information. The report shows changes to information made in
Inventory Maintenance, and includes the following columns:

  • Item Number
  • Item Description
  • Field Name
  • Original Field Value
  • New Field Value

The report can be printed for a specific range of user IDs and transaction dates.

To activate item masterfile audit tracking:

  1. Open Inventory Management,Setup,Inventory Management Options
  2. On the Additional tab, select one of the following from the Track Changes Made To Item Masterfile list:
    • Yes -Additions, changes, and deletions are tracked
    • No -No changes are tracked, and the report task cannot be started
    • Deletions -Only deletions are tracked
    • Additions -Only additions are tracked
    • Changes -Only changes are tracked
  3. If Yes or Additions is selected above, select one of the following from the Track Additions in Summary or Detail list:
    • Summary -The report shows additions in summary form
    • Detail -The report shows additional field information for added items

To print the Item Masterfile Audit Report:

  1. Open Inventory Management,Reports, Item Audit Report
  2. Enter a range ofuser IDsand transaction dates if desired
  3. ClickPrintorPreview
    • When previewing the report, click theSearchbutton (with the binoculars) to search for a specific item or field value
  4. After printing or previewing the report, the “Do you want to purge the Item Masterfile Audit file?” dialog box appears
    • If Yes is clicked, the information is not available for future reporting.
    • If No is clicked, the information is saved and will be available for future reporting.

Note: The audit file may become large and require periodic purging

Additional Information

  • As part of the audit process the updatedUserKey field is populated in the ci_Item.M4T file. This links to the UserKey value in the SY_User.M4T data file.
  • Selectively purging information from the Item Masterfile Audit file based on a date requires support from a Sage Software business partner or a consultant experienced with Visual Integrator. An export file containing the data to be saved can be created before purging the file; however, this process is beyond the scope of Sage Software Customer Support.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.