How to set up sub-job numbers in Job Cost for Sage 100


How to set up sub-job numbers in Job Cost


In Job Cost, information is organized by job number. The job number is limited to seven alphanumeric characters to represent the identifying code for each project or contract.

You may need to divide a project into separate contracts, which can be related to each other. Select the Use Sub-Job Number check box to designate the first four characters of the job number as the master job, and the remaining three characters as the sub-job number. Job Cost reports provide totals of all sub-jobs when appropriate.

  1. Expand Modules, Job Cost, and Setup. Double-click Job Cost Options.
  2. Click the Main tab.
  3. To use sub-job numbers, select the Use Sub-Job Number check box.

Note: Sub-jobs are used in reports to provide subtotals for related jobs.



Out of the box setup, configuration, and modifications.  Does not include customizations.

Settings and preferences

Application options and setup that must be completed before using the application, including company information, chart of accounts, sales taxes, inventory items, user profiles, groups, etc.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.