How to Set Up Email for Sage 300cloud Web Screens


  1. In Sage 300cloud web screens, open Common Services > Company Setup > Company Profile.
  2. On the Email tab, under Settings, enter settings for your SMTP server.
    • Server Name. Enter the server name for your email server, using the format smtp.server name.
    • Server Port. The default value is 587, but you can change it. Consult the documentation for your SMTP server or service.
      • Notes:
        • Some SMTP services (including SendGrid) recommend using Port 587 to avoid potential rate limiting or blocking.
        • SSL is required if you use Port 465.
      • Use SSL. The default value is Yes, but you can change it.
        • Important! This setting affects data encryption and authentication. Consult your IT professional or SMTP server documentation to determine which setting to use.
      • From Email Address. Enter the email address to be used when sending email.
        • Note: Depending on the SMTP server you use, this address may need to match the one you enter in the Username field, or may not work unless you set up an email alias. Consult your SMTP server documentation for details about sending email.
      • Send Copies To. To receive copies of emails that you send to customers or vendors, enter one or more email addresses where copies should be sent.  If you enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a semicolon. For example:;
        • Note: This field works like Bcc (blind carbon copy). Email recipients are not alerted that you have sent a copy to yourself.
      • Username. Enter the username for the SMTP server to be used when sending email.
      • Password. Enter the password for the email account to be used when sending email.
  3. Under Send Test Email , specify a test email address and send a test email.
    1. To. Enter the email address of the recipient for the test email.
    2. Send a Test Email. Click to send a test email using the settings specified on the Email tab.
  4. If the email message does not arrive in the email inbox of the recipient you specified:
    • Check the junk email or spam folder for the email account.
    • Check the settings you entered, make any needed changes, and send another test email.
  5. Click OK to save your settings.