How to Set up Bank Services in Sage 300


  1. Use the screens in the Bank Setup folder to:
    • Specify company and processing options for Bank Services. For more information, see
      “Bank Options Screen” (page 94).
    • Create distribution codes and distribution sets for the general ledger accounts you use in bank entries. For more information, see “Adding and Editing Distribution Codes” (page 9) and “Adding and Editing Distribution Sets” (page 10).
    • Add records for the credit cards that your company accepts. For more information, see
      “Adding Credit Card Types” (page 9).
    • Select options for creating batches of G/L transactions, and specify the Bank Services
      information that you want to include with G/L transaction details. For more information,
      see “Assigning Information to G/L Transactions” (page 15) and “Specifying When and
      How to Create Batches for General Ledger” (page 15).
  2. Add records for bank accounts. For more information, see “Adding Banks” (page 5).