How to select integration settings on Sage 300 CRM


  1. On the Profile menu, click Administration.
  2. On the Administration screen, click Sage 300 Administration.  The Sage 300 Administration screen appears.
  3. Click Setup Integration.
  4. To add a link to a Sage 300 database, click Add in the right sidebar.  A new row appears.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Sage 300 company database ID. (For example, SAMLTD.)
    • Sage 300 Company name. (For example, Sample Company Limited.)  Sage 300 Server Name. Enter the name of the Sage 300 server. This is the URL from which you start the Sage 300 web screens and WebApi.
    • Company Email. If you email a document from the O/E Order Entry web screen, a copy of the document is emailed to the address in this field.
    • Default Company. Select this option to set this as the default company.
  6. Click Save.
    • Tip: You can add links to multiple Sage 300 databases. Repeat steps 4–6 for each Sage 300 database you want to integrate with Sage CRM.
  7. When you are finished, click Continue.  The Sage 300 Administration screen appears, and the Synchronize Tables option is now available.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.