How to Select a Printer for Reports for Sage 300

To assign a specific report to a specific printer:

  1. Open the report screen that you want to assign to a printer.
  2. On the report screen, click File > Print Setup.
    The program displays the Windows default printer, but you can change the printer for a specific report.
  3. Select the Specific Printer option, and then select from the list the printer to use for this report.
    The printer list includes all printers that have been added to the Printers and Faxes list in Windows.
  4. Select a paper source if you want to use a particular paper tray or paper stock for this report.
  5. Click OK to close the Print Setup screen.

To clear the assigned printer for a specific report:

  1. On the Sage 300 Desktop, do one of the following:
    • Select (highlight) the icon for the report, and then click Object > Restore Defaults.
    • Right-click the icon for the report, and then click Restore Defaults on the list that appears.
  2. In the Restore Defaults screen, select the Print Settings option, and then click OK.
    The print setup for that report is reverted to the desktop default.

To have the program prompt you to specify a printer and print options each time you print:

On the Sage 300 Desktop, click View > Print Preferences, and then select Confirm on print.