How to Select a Print Destination on Sage 300


  1. On the Sage 300 Desktop, click Print Destination.
  2. Select a print destination:
    • Printer. Print to a physical printer.
      • Note: If you have multiple printers, you can specify the one to use when you print. For more information, see “Selecting a Printer for Reports” (page 16).
      • Tip: If you want to confirm the destination printer, page size, and orientation each time you print a report, on the Desktop, click View > Print  Preferences, and then select Confirm on print.
    • Preview. Display reports in a preview screen.
      • Note: From the preview screen, you can do things such as saving the report to a file, or printing the report to a physical printer.
    • File. Print to a file.  When you print, you specify details about the file to create, including:
      • Format (for example, PDF, DOC, or XLS).
      • Destination.
      • Name.
      • Location.
    • E-mail. Print reports as attachments to e-mail messages.  You specify the type of file to create:
      • Adobe Acrobat (PDF). You can open PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader
        (available as a free download from the Adobe Software website).
      • Rich Text Format (RTF). You can open RTF files with most Windows and Linux
        word processing programs.
        • When you print a report, Sage 300 creates a PDF or RTF version of the report and attaches the report file to a new e-mail message.
  3. Click OK.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.