How to save templates and reports in Sage 100 Intelligence Report Manager


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How to save templates and reports in Sage 100 Intelligence Report Manager


You cannot create and link templates with the Canned (locked) Sage Intelligence Reports, you must first make a copy of the canned report. To make a copy of a report do the following:

  • Steps below are using the canned Financials Report as an example, but the same steps are used for any type of report in Report Manager
  • If you already have a custom report created and need to save changes to Excel template, start on step #6 below
  1. Click Start Menu, All Programs, Sage Intelligence, Report Manager.
  2. Double click the Financials folder
  3.  Right click on Financials Report name and select Copy
  4. Create a new Folder, by Right clicking on Home folder and select Add Folder
  5.  Right click on new folder and select Paste
  6. Run the Report.
  7. In Excel, edit the Excel template as needed.
  8. Minimize Excel.
  9. In Report Manager, there are two ways to Create and Link Template.

    • Right-Click the copied report (created in steps above) and select Save Excel Template. [or ‘Create and Link Template’ in older versions]
    • Highlight the copied report and click on the Save Excel Template icon on the toolbar.
  10. Select the open Excel worksheet (.xlsx file) and click OK
  11. Click OK to accept the template name. Note: you may also change the template name if needed

    • By default the template name is the same as the report name.
    • It is recommended that you keep the template name and report name the same.
  12. Click Yes to replace the existing template file.
  13. Click OK to the message that the template was created successfully and linked to the report.
  14. The Excel Workbook will automatically close when complete.