How to Reverse Production Management Dynamic Inventory Material Issue in Sage 100?


How to reverse Production Management Dynamic Inventory Material issue?
How to de-issue material that was issued using PM Dynamic Inventory?


  1. Select the Work Ticket in Work Ticket Entry.
  2. Select the Materials tab.
  3. Select the Item and enter the amount that should have been issued. For example, 10 were issued and should not have been issued, so enter 0 in the Issued column. Accept.
  4. Go back to the item on the Materials tab in Work Ticket Entry. Highlight the line and select the Dynamic Inventory Transactions drill down icon. Note the adjusting transaction that was dynamically created. Using the example above, the transaction was for -10 to arrive at the quantity issued of 0.
  5. Select PM, Main, Daily Materials Usage Register/Update. The adjusting transaction shows in this register (-10 from the example). Update this register to record the material de-issue in General Ledger.