How to Reverse a Reversed GL Entry in Sage 300


A GL Journal batch was accidentally posted with the Auto-Reverse in Next Period selected.


Error configuring Recurring Entries batch options.


A manual GL Journal entry batch may be created to offset the effects of the Auto-Reversal. But, the customer’s GL Journal entry has a large number of details.

In the case where a manual reentry of the batch is not advisable, the Reverse function at the bottom of the batch entry screen will create another batch with the debit and credit entries reversed. After posting the reversal batch the Reverse function may then be used again in the reversed entry to create a batch with the original entry recreated.

Additional Information 

Sage does not provide advice on accounting processes. It is in the competency of the customer to decide whether or not to post any of the suggested GL Journal entries into the accounting system.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.