How to reinitialize the Accounts Receivable Repetitive Invoice Data Entry files in Sage 100


How to reinitialize the Accounts Receivable, Repetitive Invoice Data Entry files in Sage 100


Note: Accounts Receivable Repetitive Invoice Entry files (which are similar to template invoices for specific customers) are not to be confused with Invoice Data Entry (which are for actual invoices that will be printed and updated). For information on how to reinitialize or erase Accounts Receivable Invoice Data Entry files, see the Related Resources section below.

  1. Open Library MasterUtilities menu, Reinitialize Data Files
  2. Select the Company Code, select Accounts Receivable in the Module field
  3. Check the box for the following files:
    • AR_RepetitiveInvoiceDetail
    • AR_RepetitiveInvoiceHeader
    • AR_RepetitiveInvoiceListingWrk
    • AR_RepetitiveInvoiceTaxDetail
    • AR_RepetitiveInvoiceTaxSummary
  4. Click Proceed
  5. Open Library MasterUtilities menu, Rebuild Sort Files
  6. Select Accounts Receivable from the Modules field, select the Company
  7. Click Proceed