How to Recalculate Sales Order Totals in Sage 100


How to recalculate sales order Totals tab when out of balance with the amount on Lines tab. The Sales Order Lines tab does not match the Totals tab. The Sales Order Totals tab does not match the Lines tab


Backup Warning

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.

Resolution 1 (for a single sales order or invoice)

  1. Open the Sales Order Data Entry or Invoice Data Entry
  2. Select the out of balance sales order or invoice
  3. Change the Tax Schedule temporarily to another Tax Schedule.
  4. Save the sales order or invoice
  5. Open the sales order or invoice again
  6. Change the Tax Schedule back to the original
  7. Save the sales order or invoice

Resolution 2:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable, Utilities, Sales Tax Calculation
  2. Select Sales Orders and select Recalculate Sales Tax for All Records.