How to promote one or more quotes to an order in Sage 300 CRM


  1. Select an opportunity.
  2. Click the Quotes tab.
  3. In the Selected column, click one or more check boxes to select the quote or quotes you want to promote to an order.
    • Note: You cannot select quotes that have expired, or quotes that have already been promoted to an order.
  4. In the right sidebar, click Promote to Order.  Sage CRM creates a new O/E order from the quotes you selected. The order is added to the Sage 300 O/E system.  If the company linked to the current opportunity is a Sage 300 O/E customer, the Sage 300 customer number appears automatically in the Customer Number field.  If the company linked to the current opportunity is a non-existent customer (a customer that exists in Sage CRM but not in Sage 300), Sage CRM assigns the customer number CRM999999999 for the new order.
  5. A message appears, asking if this order completes the opportunity.
    • If the opportunity is complete and you will not need to create any
      more quotes or orders for it, click Yes.  Sage CRM sets the opportunity’s status to Won and clears the Include in Opportunity Totals option for all quotes that were not promoted to an order. You cannot create new quotes or orders for the opportunity unless you reopen it.
    • If you may need to create more quotes or orders for the opportunity, click No.  The opportunity’s status remains In Progress, and the Include in Opportunity Totals option is unchanged for any remaining quotes that have not been promoted to an order.

The new order appears in the Order Entry screen.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.