How to Print the Transactions Listing Report in Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Transaction
  2. Specify the range of banks to include on the report.
  3. In the Report Type field, specify the type of report to print:
    • Report. Use this format to review bank activity for a specified period.
    • Worksheet. Use this format to enter notes against each printed transaction, and then compare the report to the bank statement.
  4. In the Cutoff by Year/Period field, specify the last date for transactions printed on the report.
  5. Select any or all of the following options:
    • Print Deposit Details. Select this option to include details of each individual receipt on
      the report. Clear this option to print a summary report that includes only deposit headers with their total amounts.
    • Print Transactions Summary. Select this option to print a summary of transactions
      showing the total amounts of deposits and withdrawals for the period specified.
    • Withdrawal. Select this option to include withdrawals on the report.
    • Deposit. Select this option to include deposits on the report.
  6. Click Print.