How to Print the Deposits Status Report in Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Deposits Status.
  2. Specify ranges of deposit dates, banks, and applications (subledgers) to include on the report.
  3. Select the Print Deposit Details option to include details of each individual receipt on the report.
  4. Specify the statuses of the deposits you want to include on the report:
    • Not Posted.
      • Not Posted status is used for:
        • Bank entries that you have saved, but not yet posted.
        • Accounts Receivable deposits that include unposted receipt batches. (The batch
          total is zero in Bank Services.)
      • Once you post a bank entry or a deposit batch, its status changes to Outstanding.
    • Outstanding.
      • A deposit (receipt batch) or transfer that has been posted but not cleared has
        Outstanding status.
  5. Click Print.