How to Print the Check/Payment Register Report in Sage 300 Bank Services


  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Check/Payment
  2. Specify the range of banks to include on the report.
  3. Specify the range of payment dates for the transactions to include on the report.
    • Note: By default, the To Payment Date field is set to the session date.
  4. Use the From Application and To fields to specify a range of source ledgers for the payments (for example, AP for Accounts Payable, AR for Accounts Receivable, CP for Canadian Payroll, UP for US Payroll).
  5. In the Print field, specify the level of detail for the report.
  6. In the Sort By field, specify whether to sort payments by payment number, payment date, or
    vendor/payee code.
  7. If the report includes checks and you want to include a note about any check numbers that are missing from a sequence, select the Print Missing Check Numbers option.
    • Note: This option is available only if you sort by payment number and you are printing
      payment details (with or without a summary).
  8. Specify payment types to include on the report.
    • You can include any or all of the following payment types:
      • Check
      • EFT
      • Cash
      • Credit Card
      • Transfer
      • Service Charge
      • Other
  9. Specify reconciliation statuses for transactions to include on the report.
    • You can include transactions with any or all of the following statuses:
      • Cleared
      • Reversed
      • Outstanding
      • Non-negotiable
      • Continuation
      • Not Posted
      • Printed
      • Void
      • Cleared with Write-Off
      • Cleared with Bank Error
      • Cleared with Exchange Rate Difference
    • You can also include information for alignment checks you may have printed.
  10. Click Print.