How to print purchase orders on Sage 300


  1. Open Purchase Orders > P/O Forms > Purchase Orders.  For information about the Purchase Orders screen, see “P/O Purchase Orders Screen” (page 269).
  2. Specify options for the purchase orders, as follows:
    • Use Purchase Order. Specify the report format to use for printing purchase orders. You can accept the default format that appears, or click the Browse button to select a different one. (Purchase Orders displays the format that you last used for printing purchase orders.)
    • Purchase Orders ships with four standard formats for printing purchase orders:
      • POPOR01.RPT—for printing on blank paper.
      • POPOR02.RPT—for printing on preprinted forms.
      • POPOR04.RPT—for printing on blank paper.
      • POPOR05.RPT—for printing on preprinted forms.
    • The first two report formats connect directly to the Purchase Orders database and are easier to change if you need to customize your purchase order forms.
    • The second two formats print more quickly, but may be less adaptable to your needs.
    • From Purchase Order Number/To Purchase Order Number. Specify the range of purchase orders to print.
    • Delivery Method. Specify how to send documents to your vendor:
      • Select Print Destination to print to your usual print destination.
      • Select Vendor to use the delivery method specified in each vendor record in Accounts Payable.
        • If you select Vendor as the delivery method, select the ID for the e-mail message
          you send with e-mailed documents for vendors that use an e-mail delivery method.
    • Message ID. If you selected Vendor as the delivery method, select the ID for the e-mail message you want to send with purchase orders for vendors that use e-mail as the
      delivery method.  To view or edit the message for the selected ID, or to add a new e-mail message for purchase orders, click the Zoom button for the Message ID field.
    • Include Active / Future / Standing / Blanket Orders. Select the types of purchase orders to print.
    • Include Purchase Orders Already Printed. Specify whether to print new copies of
      purchase orders that you printed before.
    • Include Details Already Printed. Specify whether to include details that you printed before (if you have added to the purchase order) or only details added later.
    • Use Custom Form. Do not select this option unless you are using a customized
      purchase order format that requires it. (This option is for formats that do not use the
      report selection criteria sent by this print window.)
  3. Click Print.
    • Tip: If you are printing purchase orders on a printer, you can click the Align button to print a sample copy to check that the information prints in the right places on a preprinted PO form.