How to print a range of credit notes or debit notes on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Forms > Credit/Debit Notes.
  2. From the Document Type list, select Credit Note or Debit Note.
  3. In the Use Credit Note (or Use Debit Note) field,select a template or a custom form to use.  You can select one of the following formats, or a custom format:
    • OECRN01.RPT. A credit/debit note for laser printer (plain paper version) .
    • OECRN02.RPT. A credit/debit note for preprinted forms.
  4. In the From Credit/Debit Note No. and To Credit/Debit Note No. fields, accept the default entries to print all the credit notes or debit notes, or specify a range to print.
  5. Select a delivery method.  You can select one of the following methods:
    • Select Print Destination to print the document to your usual print destination.
    • Select Customer to use the delivery method specified in the customer record in the Accounts Receivable program.
      • If you choose Customer as the delivery method, select the ID for the e-mail message you want to send to customers that use an e-mail delivery method.
  6. Specify whether to reprint documents already printed.
  7. Specify information to show on printed documents.
    • If you use Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking and you want printed invoices to show serial numbers or lot numbers assigned to serialized or lotted items, select Serial/Lot Numbers.
    • If you are using a customized credit/debit note report form that uses different selection criteria than the standard criteria for this report, select Custom Form. (Do not select this option unless the custom form you selected requires it.)
    • To show all components in kit assemblies, select Kit Component Items.
    • To show all components in assemblies that are manufactured from bills of material,
      select Bill of Materials Component Items.
    • To show retainage amounts, select Retainage.
      • Note: The Retainage option appears only if you use Project and Job Costing and
        Accounts Receivable uses retainage accounting.
  8. If you want to print a test copy to verify that information is aligned correctly on a preprinted form, click Align.
  9. Click Print to print credit notes or debit notes.