How to Post a Range of Batches in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

Before You Start

  • Decide on the batches you want to post. (Write down the batch numbers, if necessary.)
    You can post all batches that are marked Ready To Post, or you can specify a range of batches that are marked Ready To Post.
  • Select Ready To Post on the Batch List screen for each batch you want to post.
    Note: If you use Payment Processing, you must process all Paya credit card transactions in the batch before you can set it Ready To Post.
  • Print listings of the batches you want to post. If you use the option to force listings of batches, you cannot post batches until you print the batch listings for them.

To post a range of batches:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > A/R Transactions > Post Batches.
  2. Select the type of batch to post (invoice, receipt, adjustment, or refund).
    You can post only one type of batch at a time.
  3. Select All Batches to post all the batches of the chosen type, or select Range and then specify the range numbers for the batches you want to post.
    You can post a single batch, a range of batches, or all ready-to-post batches of the chosen type.
  4. Click Post.

After posting batches

  • Print posting journals.
  • Print the G/L Transactions report.

Important! You should keep your audit trail of posted transactions up to date by printing and filing each posting journal as it is created, and by regularly printing and filing the G/L Transactions report and creating general ledger transactions.