How to Make a Zoho Projects Gantt Chart in Excel

Gantt charts are illustrative reports that help project managers to visualize projects in the form of horizontal bars on a timeline. There are hundreds of pages that talk about the history of Gantt charts, or why you should make a Gantt chart but you want to make one yourself. So let’s dive in.

You’re here to learn how to make a Gantt chart in Excel and we will show you how. However, do remember that there are many easier ways to build excel Gantt charts, and there are more things you can do with a Gantt chart when you use a dedicated project management solution with a built-in Gantt chart template like Zoho Projects.

We’re going to one up on the answer and give you not one, but two options. Plan smart and choose wisely.

Limitations of an Excel Gantt Chart

Why is Zoho Projects the best Gantt chart maker?

Plan together

One of the best things about making Gantt charts on Zoho projects is that you can plan together in real time. So, even if your boss wants you to change the timeline during a meeting, you can change it in a few seconds and see how it looks like right away. You can even @ mention your team mates inside Zoho Projects. And there’s inbuilt chat too.

Dynamic context

Its not just a visual representation in Zoho’s Gantt chart maker. It is dynamic and adaptive. You get more context – see who’s working on it, and how far things are done. With the intuitive color coding system on our Gantt chart software, you get to see which tasks are complete, in progress or overdue. Clicking on a task gives you more details, and you can leave a comment right there inside the details pane as well.

Link Tasks with Dependencies

Some tasks are connected. Some need to be done along with another. Some need to be completed before another and some after. Map them all visually with the dependencies available inside our Gantt Chart software. Zoho Projects supports four types of task dependencies. Click, drag and done.

Analyze and adapt

Baseline gives you an “expectation vs reality view” of your timeline. Critical Path tells you exactly what tasks you need to prioritize to complete a project. Slack shows you the amount of buffer time you have in your timeline. With these tools, you can revisit your project plan, allocate resources effectively, and in the process save time and money.

Easy to use

All options and tools are at your reach. No more digging through menus to find that one hidden button. In Zoho Projects, you get what you see. And of course, help is always at hand with live 24 x 5 support right from inside the software. You can also easily import xls tasks in bulk and view your Gantt chart in an instant!