How to look up pending shipments by customer, item, and/or location using the O/E Pending Shipments Inquiry screen on Sage 300 Order Entry


  1. Open Order Entry > O/E Statistics and Inquiries > Pending Shipments Inquiry.
  2. Specify shipment dates, customer numbers, item numbers, and/or locations to include, and
    specify order statuses to include. For more information about using this screen, see “O/E
    Pending Shipments Inquiry Screen ” (page 374).
  3. Click the Go button.  Pending shipments that match the criteria you specified appear in the table.
  4. To view details for a document that appears in the results, click Details to open the O/E
    Pending Shipments Inquiry Details screen. For more information, see “O/E Pending Shipments Inquiry Details Screen ” (page 377).


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.