How to look up inventory items on Sage 300 CRM


  1. Select a Sage 300 customer.
  2. On the Summary screen, in the right sidebar, click Item Inventory.  The Sage 300 I/C Item Inventory Inquiry screen appears.
  3. To create a new quote or order for an item:
    1. In the Item Inventory table, click the New Quote or New Order icon in the row for an item.  Sage CRM creates a new opportunity for the quote or order. The Order Entry screen appears, with a detail line added for the item you selected.
    2. Review document details, company details, custom fields (if you use them), and sales split information (if you assign sales splits).
    3. Review and change information for the item included in the quote or order, such as quantity, price, and discount.
    4. Enter any additional line items to be included in the quote or order.
    5. In the totals area at the bottom of the screen, enter a discount (if applicable) and check that the other information displayed here is correct.
    6. When you have finished creating the quote or order, click Post.  Sage CRM creates the quote or order and links it to the new opportunity.

For more information about creating quotes and orders in Sage CRM, see the next section in this chapter, “Creating and Working with O/E Quotes and Orders.”


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.