How to Invoice Recurring Charges in Accounts Receivable for Sage 300

Before You Start

  • Set up a recurring charge record for each customer you need to invoice on a recurring basis.
  • As necessary, update recurring-charge records.
    You can update charges for individual customers using the Recurring Charge Setup screen (in the Customers folder).
    If you want to update charges automatically for a range of customers, use the Update Recurring Charges screen (in the Periodic Processing folder).

To invoice recurring charges:

  1. Open Accounts Receivable > Periodic Processing > Create Recurring Charge Batch.
  2. Type the run date, which Accounts Receivable uses as the document date for the generated invoices.
  3. Specify the type of record by which to select recurring charges for invoicing.
    You can select by Recurring Charge Code, Customer Number, Customer Group, or National Account.
  4. Use the From and To fields to specify the range for the selected record type.
  5. Click Process.

After generating a batch of invoices

  • Print the invoice batch listing, selecting Recurring as the batch type.
  • Use the batch listing to verify the charges.
  • Use the Invoice Entry screen to make any changes or corrections to the recurring charge invoices before posting them.
  • Reprint the listing if you edited the batch.
  • File the batch listing report.
  • Post the batch.