How to Integrate Zoho CRM with Email


Zoho CRM


Integrate your email with Zoho CRM to provide a single space to see emails between you and your team. This removes having to log back and forth between email and Zoho CRM.


  1. Click on the settings icon.
  2. Under the Channels panel, click Email.
  3. Click the Get Started button.
  4. Choose the appropriate Popular Email Service. Choose between IMAP, POP, and API.
    • Note: IMAP is recommended for most cases. It stores emails on a remote server and is necessary if you want to sync emails across multiple devices. Your emails are already backed up on IMAP.
    • POP saves emails on your hard drive. This also takes up more space on your computer.
    • API doesn’t store emails on a remote server.
  5. Under Email Sharing Permissions, choose between Public, Private, and Custom.
    • Private allows only you to see emails between you and your clients.
    • Public allows your team to see emails between clients.
    • Custom allows you to modify permissions.
  6. Click Save.
If you go to your Leads tab, click on an existing profile. In the image below, the integration is boxed in yellow.