How to Insert Information Using FR Paste with Sage 300


  1. In the Statement Designer, select the cell where you want to insert General Ledger data.
  2. On the Excel ribbon, on the Add-Ins tab, click FR > FR Paste.  The FR Paste Function window appears. Below the Functions list and available selections, a cell reference (such as Cell $A$1:) and formula (such as FRACCT(“”)) appear. As you select options, this area is updated to display the current formula.  In the bottom left corner of the screen, the function builds as you select options.
  3. From the Functions list, select a function, account reference, or selection criteria expression.  When you select a function, available options and parameters for the function appear to the right of the list. Depending on your selection, these may include account numbers, account ranges, selection criteria, currency type, and other options. 
  4. Specify options for the function, account reference, or expression. For more information, see “Financial Reporter Functions” (page 99).  If you are specifying account numbers, you can specify individual account numbers or a range of account numbers.
  5. If you want to filter an account or account range by specific criteria, click the Selection Criteria button, and then specify criteria to use.
  6. When you have created the formula, paste it into your report or specification.
    1. To paste the formula into the selected cell (listed in the bottom left of the screen), click Paste.
    2. To select a different cell, click Next Row, Prev Row, Next Column, or Prev Column to navigate to the desired cell, and then click Paste.

The formula you created is pasted into the financial report or specification.