How to import into Delete and Change for Accounts Payable Vendors


Create a new Import job using Visual Integrator and select the AP_DeleteChangeVendors table. The following fields will need to appear on the Data tab in the following order:

  1. LineNo (Set Operation to ‘Incr Assign’)
  2. StartingAPDivisionNo
  3. StartingVendorNo
  4. EndingAPDivisionNo
  5. NewAPDivisionNo
  6. EndingVendorNo
  7. NewVendorNo
    Operation (Values can be “1” or “2”. 1 is to Delete, 2 is for Change/Merge)

Additional information

  1. If Operation field value is “1” (Delete) there is no need to supply values for the “NewAPDivisionNo” and “NewVendorNo” fields. However, if the Operation is “2” (Change) than values will need to be supplied for these fields.
  2. If the “LineNo” field is not set to ‘Incr Assign’ or not included in the job, only the last record will be passed.
  3. After importing, go to Accounts Payable, Utilities, Delete and Change Vendors. Review the imported values and click Proceed to commit the changes.